Costruzioni Acciaio

Street Furniture

Steel roofing and glass

Intese costruzioni acciaio srl is able to design, construct and install individual parts and street and interior furnishing structures of the highest quality. Internal staircases for shops made of stainless steel and glass, roofs of glass and steel, windows for… Continue reading

Stairs and railings

Parapets are typical Intese costruzioni acciaio srl products. The typical parapets supplied are made of stainless steel and/or glass and have external wood cladding. In addition to the supplied product, the report on the legally required static test of thrust is provided.

Aluminium fittings

A production department has been set up to make aluminium fittings. Doors, windows, balconies and glass fronts are amongst the typical products made. Intese costruzioni acciaio srl complies with UNI EN 14351-1 regarding CE marking on windows and doors (compulsory… Continue reading

Ship outfitting

A special production department has been set up to construct parts for the shipbuilding industry such as bulkheads, bulwark doors, control doors and shipyard elevators. The constructions are supervised b the most important authorities such as R.I.NA., DNV and ABS.… Continue reading

Particular constructions

The photos below show a covering system with automatic twilight opening/closing, regulated by anemometer. Particularly suitable for urban contexts, squares etc. You can also see marking solutions for recycling areas with fronts made of steel and wood (durability class 1).