Costruzioni Acciaio

Company and certifications

Our company was set up in 2000 by two highly experienced engineers with intuition. It was initially a partnership concentrating largely on technical design and the provision of services to industry and business. Subsequently, a production department was created to transform it into a manufacturing company.
We in fact design and manufacture metal products in general. The company is divided into specific product areas, namely:

  1. Design and manufacture of equipment to safeguard foundations and flood protection;
  2. Designing and constructing medium to heavy metal structural work;
  3. Design and construction of pontoons, barges and floating modules with approval of the Port Inspectorate
  4. Designing and constructing products made of stainless-steel, steel and glass, aluminium, brass and other alloys.

Our company works in the residential and industrial construction field. Private enterprise (generally building companies) contact us as do public bodies for tenders and contracts.
Production takes place in a production facility measuring over two thousand square metres that is equipped with lifting gear and the most modern Equipment for machining metal.
IN.TE.SE. Costruzioni d’acciaio Srl supplies products that are of a high standard, reliable and certain. Its workforce are specialised technical personnel who are highly trained and qualified so as to ensure not only the right technical responses but also quality workmanship.
The company is authorised to perform work for the public sector in conformity with Presidential Decree D.P.R. 34/2000 for the category OS18 for the category II^. The company has acquired the qualification certificate for public works as per Presidential Decree 34/2000, for the category OS18A and all certificates required by the regulations in compliance with EC directives. Moreover, welding procedures, and consequently the welders, have been certified with the Istituto Italiano della Saldatura and with the Registro italiano Navale.